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Manhattan Triad - forbidden office romance - read free

Manhattan Triad

Justine Moore

 A spicy threesome with coworkers?
Hannah knew it was a bad idea. Yet when her team manager, Jack, a handsome alpha male and Luke, an adorable assistant, invited her to join them, she couldn’t bring herself to say no. Bisexual boyfriends who wanted to play? Yes, please.
It’s risky, dangerous and it could affect her entire career. But how can she refuse the two men she’s burning for the most?

Genre: Forbidden Office Romance. LGBT. Threesome.

That snowy night - erotica novel for free

That Snowy Night

Catherine Brooks

Helen has spent her whole life working her way to the top of Artemis Technology
- only for Damon Mindelon, the son of its CEO, to come along and change everything.

Even though she fears losing her job to the older man, she finds herself fighting an undeniable attraction to him - and soon, as she discovers, comes a Christmas she will never forget...

Genre: Christmass billionaire, Office romance, Vanilla, 

My very spanish holidays - lesbian romance story

My very spanish holidays

Amanda Rosewood

Reeling from being cheated on by her boyfriend, Natalie runs off to a small seaside town in Spain with her best friend to leave her old life behind.

The last thing she expects is to meet a mysterious woman - one who kisses her outside a bar and might change her life for good...

Genre: Summer romance, LGBT, Lesbian

LOVE ASAP! - badboy office romance story

Love ASAP!

Tiffany Gemstone

Julia Chester is a 21-year-old intern at the company of her dreams. She intends to work hard to achieve her goal of being a Public Relations Officer at Viacom Agency and believes nothing can stop her. That is until she comes across the dashing Marketing Manager of the firm. She immediately feels an attraction to him, but it is against the rules, and, more importantly, he is not one for relationships - unlike her.

Genre: Forbidden office romance,
Bad boy, 18+

The lust is in the details - sexy office romance - read free

Lust is in the details

Andrea Meyer

When Pam picks up work at a brand new architecture firm, the last thing she expects is for her ex, Philip, to be the man running the show. And the VERY last thing she expects is for him to be doing it alongside his husband, Frank.
But Pam still can't get Philip out of her head - and it seems like she's not the only one hung up on their former relationship. But, with the new husband by his side, nothing can happen between them. Well, not between JUST them, anyway...

Genre: Forbidden Office Romance. LGBT. Threesome.

Perfect strangers - criminal badboy erotica story

Perfect Strangers

Vanessa Weston

Jenny, 26, is a petite and beautiful, yet strong, female. She is not afraid to speak her mind and take charge of her future.

After a breakup with her fiance, she discovers the world of online dating and Tinder.

She is matched with a random guy, a scary looking, big, Alpha male...

Genre: Badboy, Criminal, Ex-con, Strong burly man, Contemporary romance 

Her office her rules - BDSM office story

Her Office, her rules

Judith Wilson

Rachel never imagined she would do such a thing. But after finding out that Logan was spending his working hours watching steamy femdom porn instead of doing his job, she couldn’t let him go unpunished.

Now Rachel has to face her biggest challenge yet. Does she have what it takes to become a mistress? Can she bring unimaginable pleasure to Logan and herself through punishment and pain?

Genre: Office Romance, Voyeur

Eternal Love

Nicole Ross

Zoey, a fierce huntress, vowed to exterminate every last vampire. Instead, she fell for one - a flirtatious girl named Julia. And as if being an uncloseted lesbian wasn’t difficult enough, she now has to face the hardest decision of her life.
Will she kill the mesmerizing vampire girl and fulfill her duty?
Or succumb to the flames of fiery passion and yearning desires?

Genre: Vampires, Hunter, LGBT, Contemporary Romance

Desert Rose - lesbian historical western romance story

Desert Rose

Alice Bowman

The first time Rose walked through the doors of the saloon, Francine had no idea she was looking at the woman she would end up falling in love with.

But can Francine cope with Rose’s dark past or will it push the two lovers apart forever?

Genre: Western, Historical Romance, LGBT

Under the blood moon - read Paranormal erotica  novel for free - get Steamy ebook app

Under the blood moon

Caroline Moss

The first time Rose walked through the doors of the saloon, Francine had no idea she was looking at the woman she would end up falling in love with.

But can Francine cope with Rose’s dark past or will it push the two lovers apart forever?

Genre: Paranormal, Werevolves

 romance story

Someone she loved

Catherine Brooks

comming soon...

Genre: Friends with benefits, Highschool romance 

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