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Steamy is a romance stories reading app

Steamy is unique in that you can read the best romance stories with relaxing music, sound effects,
and animations on-the-fly even when you are offline.


Steamy is a free e-book app for female readers providing immersive, serialized romance fiction. It is a reading app where you can immerse yourself into stories anytime and anywhere.

"Could not put this app down. I love the music and sounds when you're reading! "

This stories were like nothing I've ever read before. As soon as I read the the blurb I knew it was going to be my next read. 

Its fun and witty and REAL! I LOVED these stories so much I think I’ll read them a few times. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Its a awesome app that has many good stories. Its allow me too feel part of the story line. ❤️

The stories are well done and the sound is amazing. Its best to read with headphones

This app is totally recommended.. The music that follows the chapters is too good.. Different chapters with different background music love it..

So far it's a great experience the sound effects really help immerse yourself into the story

 Awesome music and sound effects that fits every chapter. Steamy allows me to read romance story every busy day...

Awesomest app ever! Would recommend to friends.