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Writing for Steamy

Thanks for your interest in writing for Steamy! Please read the information below and use the email  to submit your writing sample.

If you haven't done so already, we highly recommend reading to some Steamy stories to get a feel for our style before you send in a sample. If you have access to an smartphone, you can download the app and read to selected stories free of charge. If downloading the app isn't accessible for you, you can read our Steamy Story for free at Smashwords Manhattan Triad

What we're looking for:

No experience writing erotica  required! We're most interested in your ability to write realistic characters, colloquial dialogue, and believable storylines. Our sweet spot is approachable fantasy-stories that feel true to life, while amplifying their sexiness and sensuality.

What we’ll need:

A short creative writing sample (preferably fiction) that gives us a feel for your style.

Working with Steamy:

Due to the volume of responses we get, we can only respond to submissions that are a fit. If your style is a match, we'll reach out with more information about process and rates. Questions? Reach out to